Tool Life Expectancy

Our mission is to make money for our customers and ourselves by being the standard of excellence company in hand tools. We help customers reach their goals by giving them the best value for their tools, consulting, or service dollars. We provide tools and service in conformance to customer technical requirements with ergonomic designs, accurate promises, timely shipments, and proper paperwork.

Many design attributes and features give customers optimization choices:

  • Acute (super flush) edge angles for ease of cut vs larger angle (bevel) for edge life.
  • Longer handles for leverage and pressure distribution vs weight of tool.
  • Wider bodies for better bearing properties and strength vs narrowness for visibility of the work.
  • Very hard edges for edge life vs slight temper softening for tip strength.
  • Stainless Steel Scrivets™ for lubricity, adjustability, and cleanliness.
  • Stainless Steel adjustable leaf springs welded in place.
  • High chrome, high carbon alloy steel maximize bearing and edge life.

Many variables that affect total tool life are also considered:

  • Chemistry, diameter, hardness of the wire.
  • Plier orientation and wire position within the jaws.
  • Closure speed and pressure.
  • Features of the tool:
    • Edge type (bevel, flush, full flush, super flush, stand-off shear or pure shear)
    • Joint width (.38", .40", .44", .50", .60", .70")
    • Tip strength (oval, oval slim, taper, taper slim)

Results prove that Swanstrom cutters used within design limits, will yield well over 1,000,000 clean cuts on common lead material such as .020 tinned copper.

To achieve better tool life, do proper maintenance (oil and Swanstrom service ) and avoid misuse of tools that cause damage or stress.


  • Oil joints regularly. A single drop between the forgings is a great investment.
  • Oil joint and Scrivet™ before adjustment
  • Only cut material within a specific tools' cutting specifications. Super flush cutters can cut soft copper, aluminum or lead.
  • Keep tools with stops adjusted for type of material cut.
  • Keep tools sharp and well serviced. Use Swanstrom's reconditioning service.
  • Use proper size tools for parts being cut to prevent over stress. Larger tools for larger parts.
  • Protect spring-to-handle weld when adjusting leaf spring.


  • Force a tight, stiff joint before oil is applied.
  • Cut material for which tool was not designed.
  • Cut screws, nails, glass or other hard material.
  • Pull on springs without protecting the weld under the plastic.
  • Machine grind blades to resharpen them. Improperly done, this will quickly damage tool beyond repair and/or may soften the edges.
  • Alter or modify tools as it will nullify our warranty.